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This is an assortment of different projects I've done for fun - NOT for profit.
Other work
from when I'm not at work
2014 was a big year for me. In April, I got engaged in front of the Louvre in Paris. In November I was married. I wanted a classy, functional and modern invitation that fit both my and my husband's style. We used a burnt orange, blacks, and grays as a knod to fall. Then we injected hints of bright green to keep the color pallete energectic and lively. The last panel of the Z-Fold was perforated. So, potential guests would tear it off and mail the pre-stamped Mona Lisa postcard back to us.
With 9 pieces of poster board and several hours, I've created my own replica of Luis Tomasello's Chromoplastic Mural, Summer 2013
This headband was created for a friend's wedding. Flowers were sewn and hot glued onto a sheer overlay that was attached to a headband base - 08/2011
The Weepies post card. I made a light blue dot print for the background and then created a sunflower that, like the dot print, is repeated -03/2011
A gouache painting (post card sized) for The Swell Season's "Falling Slowly" - 02/2011
A Kate Nash post card. I used a tablet to sketch the main figures and then created patterns for the swim suit and the thought bubble. -02/2011
Beatles inspired post card using my silhouette - 02/2011
These are some pages from a calendar I designed to hang in my office. Animals were drawn with a tablet and print backgrounds were created for each. A blurb related to each animal is also printed on each page -01/2011