FraoulaBest (hydroponic strawberry)

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  • The Challenge: "How to Integrate many small improvements on an ordinary crop such as strawberry, into a Unique Crop & Business Model?

    Step 1: Change the Facts. Go not for higher production but FOCUS to higher A quality production fruits (A quality of strawberry gains 3/4 times higher prices in the market!!!)

    Step 2: Design the optimal greenhouse for a 9 months crop season

    Step 3: Take the crop level from the soil to the man/woman's level of work

    Step 4: Invest in 2 layers crop

    Step 5: Invest in high quality young plants

    Step 6: Go on hydroponics and create blueprints

    Step 7: Certify the whole process

    Step 8: Communicate the solution in different way to each target group (Grower, retailer, consumer)

  • Project Leaders: Evagelos Drimtzias & Christos D. Katsanos

    Acknowledgements to
    Harry and Stavros Zannetos / Spyros Stavrinidis Chemicals Ltd (Cyprus)

    Makis Adamou, Adamos Adamou, Adamos Kasapis, Panikos Papaioannou, Kostas Giannoukos, Panikos Giannoukos, Tasos Vardakis (Cyprus)