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Retouching for Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
From a combination of current photographs, and historicalphotographs taken in 1909, Filtre Studio created a series of images that showthe Robie House dining room during various stages of the restoration process,from where it was when Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust acquired the houseto where it will be, fully restored, a year in the future.

They were about midway through the restoration, so we had to“deconstruct” the room to show the bare, beginning stage. We digitally removedthe custom rug, replacing it with a separately photographed oak floor. The wallfinishes were removed along with a built-in buffet that had already beenrestored. Then, we recreated the stages in between, adding back in the wallfinishes, rug, buffet and missing woodwork. Next, all of the furniture andlight fixtures were digitally added to show a fully "restored" dining room. 
Robie House dining room digitally stripped down to bare walls and floor.
Built in buffet and wall sconces added.
Wall finishes added.  Filtre Studio worked closely with zünpartners and curators at the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust to ensure historical accuracy.
Rug added and color corrected to 1909 yarn samples.
Original Frank Lloyd Wright dining table was photographed at Smart Museum of Art | TheUniversity of Chicago.  It was then taken apart digitally, and put together at the correct perspective.
Table runners were retouched in using historical photographs for reference.
Daytime finished scene.  Dining chairs and corresponding shadows were added.
Simulated dusk scene with light grids and wall sconces "turned on" in photoshop.
Globe lights turned on.
Final dusk scene with lit table lanterns.
1909 historical reference photograph.