François Bayrou - 2012 Presidential Campaign

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  • François Bayrou
    2012 Presidential Campaign
  • François Bayrou is president of the Modem (Mouvement Democrate) and is candidate to the french presidential election.

    Big Youth supports the digital team of François Bayrou in the strategy & the conception of his electoral campaign. As a result, I have worked on the website , but also on social platforms (Facebook, Flickr, & co) and mobile.
  • The François Bayrou's website had been thought in the currently "scroll" mood. Indeed, most of the content appears on the first page (the homepage). Each item of the main menu is a shortcut which permits to access to each part below quickly. 

    Height of the page : 9800px !

    nb: Some parts have been modified or moved since I did screenshots.
  • SHOP
  • Mini-website to buy François Bayrou merchandising (t-shirts, accessories, goodies, ...).
    [Photo items below are fake]

    One peripheral tool is a timeline which displays social content like youtube videos, twitter posts & news. It runs with the timeline software Tiki-Toki.
  • MOBILE on iPhone
  • ANDROID on Android smartphone

  • Credits :

    Big Youth

    2011 - 2012