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A design based series of 5 fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.
  In January of 2013, I started a series based on some of the most beloved fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. I wanted to take more of a design based approach to the collection and found it engaging to create a built-in border for each piece. I wanted the viewer to be able to imagine themself in the position of the characters and feel like they are right in the scene taking place.
  The collection began with Hansel & Gretel, "Nibble, Nibble Little Mouse." Followed by Jack & the Beanstalk, "Fee Fi Fo Fum," Red Riding Hood, "Into the Woods," The Sleeping Beauty, "The Evil Fairy's Curse," and Rapunzel, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel."
  The illustrations were done in watercolor and pencil on Bristol paper and are going to be featured in my first gallery showing entitled, "Unimpeded Imagination" along with two other artists on May 3,2013. The show will be held at New Visions Studio & Gallery in downtown Scranton, PA.