Frames - iPad magazine

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  • Frames - IPad Magazine for Via Padova, Milan
    This project has been developed within our Final Class at Politecnico di Milano.
    The whole class dealt with the design of an IPad magazine, through which, issue after issue, people can discover different aspects and views of a particular neighborhood in Milano. In our case, we've been assigned the area around Via Padova, a reality among the most changeable but certainly not one of the most appreciated. From here, the idea of a magazine aiming to open a discussion on the image of this territory, mainly based on video content with strong immersive components, supported by text and analysis.
    This project has been developed with Marianne Kaufmann, Giulia Regalini and Martina Rosa.
  • Video trailer of the project.
  • Full video explaining all the contents inside the magazine.
  • Cover page.
  • Index page.
  • Inside features.