Fraktil, my first modul-based font!

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  • Reunion for separated twins!
    Fraktur and Stencil type finally found each other
  • 4th semester typography project with our great calligraphy and typography teacher Giovanni de Faccio!

    At the beginning of the semester I was inspired by stencil and graffiti art around me. At the same time I was fascinated by the lovely book "Fraktur mon amour" by Judith Schalansky. Then I realised that there is that special connection between those old and heavy blackletters and those sprayed pieces of streetart on viennese walls: They have the disconnection in common!

    So I developed Fraktil. Yes, I know, Fraktil is not perfect, not even really finished (is a font ever finished?), but it helped me to unterstand typography a lot, lot more!

    The brochure below is the Fraktil type specimen and development documentation.