• Breaking somebody else's stone
    This pretty stone was left by the previous owners of the the flat I bought about four or five years ago. I didn’t notice it for a while; fixed on a small marble shelf in the off-black fireplace in my lounge with candle wax. When I temporarily moved out I thought I should probably do something with it, and got to thinking about breaking the pebble in half and revisiting that initial impact, recording it and keeping it timeless.

    Wrapped up in an old pillow-case I took it outside and hit it as many times as I needed with a hammer to break it in two, and it broke fairly cleanly. I placed the two parts and the fragments into an envelope for safekeeping.

    My friend Darren took a couple of photo’s of it with much better kit and skill than I can muster, and then it sat on my hard drive for the best part of a year before I got round to doing anything with it.