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Tea that's Delisous

T E A L I C I O U S   C A F E
Massachusetts, Boston, USA

Client: Tealicious Cafe
College: Alexandria Tech. Community College
Designer: Ian V.
Created: 2013
Imaginary brand created by the Graphic Design program of ATC school in Alexandria MN. Class was given different products in which
we were to design the bull corporate brand and design parts for the product.

Based in Boston, emerges Tealiciouse, a new urban cafe brand.
Naming comes from the mix words of  Tea + Delicious.
Ian created a visual design, inspired in the crescent moon and classic shape of a teapot. Bringing nature,
and craft to a modern cafe. Word-mark is a direct representation of the concept "Tealicious"
A brand with personality, innovation and bold message.
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Art Direction / Brand Development / Editorial Design / Communication  by Ian V.
Year 2013  ®
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