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    Pet Rescue by Judy
  • [ Creative Direction // Design // Co-copywriting ]
    We've all seen enough of the Sara Mclachlan ads with the incredibly sad music. So when we approached this campaign it was important to go in a very different direction so to avoid viewers from changing the channel out of habit.
    Pet Rescue by Judy is the only no-kill pet shelter in the Central FL area. They work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect. No case is too dire for them to take on. This campaign showcases that through it's use of humor and lightheartedness. 
  • Found: Ultimate Wingman
  • Found: Free Spirit
  • Found: Pretty Lady
  • Redesigned MAIN SITE homepage. Design was heavily streamlined with better content-userflow implementation.
  • The following three screengrabs are true-to-size.
  • Mission Statement video was inserted and used as an immediate "about us" solution.
  • The following four screengrabs are true-to-size.
  • Giving the user many (and repetitive) opportunities to get familiarized with how they can contribute was important to this struggling very-grassroots non-profit. That is shown here by the use of simple icons (click-thru's to more detailed content on subsequent pages).
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