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    I was invited to represent the UK in season 2 of Fotolia's TEN Collection Project. Artists from the UK, France, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Germany were introduced for the new season and every month starting from January a new person's work is introduced, with the idea being that people can download the full PSD free of charge for 24 hours allowing them to discover techniques, tips and tricks from the artist. 

    Aswell as creating the illustration the great (and crazy) guys over at Gang Corporate flew over to create a lifestyle film about me and my work. Filmed over the course of 5 days we had a blast creating the audio interview and shooting around London. They did such an awesome job putting it all together.

    Scroll down to watch or check out the lifestyle film here and the tutorial film here. You can also download the PSD and buy prints.