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A series of street art that talks about China and America.
Fortune Forensic
 While playing with ideas from Chinese kitsch, I claimed the fortune cookie fortune as my own voice. I felt that this object symbolized me in many ways. I am a first-generation Chinese-American. The fortune cookies were a substitute for the traditional mooncakes. The cookies were an object of luck and fortune, giving the early Chinese immigrant workers hope. 

 In reappropriating these fortunes, I wrote various messages to communicate irony or hope. Sometimes I could find a place to make a political statement against something that most American people feel helpless to remedy.

 Through the photograph, I made street art accessible to myself. I was in college at the time and the last thing that I wanted to do was get caught under the idea that I was being some kind of vandal. I wanted to make work that was not meant to offend anyone, but to open discussion about the state of our country.