• Over our spring break, I and about 10 other friends of mine from school stayed in lovely Southeastern Oregon. Most of the photos that I took during those few heavenly days were taken at Fort Rock, a majestic volcanic rock formation of almost mountainous proportions.

    I immediately decided to climb as high I could, so up I went. I stopped when I was as high as I could go, and took pictures, mostly to remind myself of that place and my thoughts at that time. I do like my use of my boots for that purpose...
  • Before and after I climbed, close to the base, I enjoyed the intense proportions of people in the setting.
  • It's a place to return to.
  • Most photos from Fort Rock and the whole break overall were of my friends.

    These three of E from Fort Rock are lovely in different ways, and I can't decide between them at all.
  • The jackets worn to Fort Rock on my boys.

    I'm just gonna say that I would buy any of their three jackets in a heartbeat.