Formula 1

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  • Ambient 1: In tunnels tracks running up the walls lead to planted F1 cars. Immeditely following are signs which answer drivers' "what the hell was that" question. 
  • Amient 2:
    Reaching people while in their cars is a goal of ours and with this custom billboard showing what F1 drivers see at 120 mph we are doing just that. Red and white bumpers lead up to the board to help with attention (as if the billboard's size isn't enough).
  • Application:
    This one is specifically for some fun. 
    Utilising the accelorometer in peoples' mobile devices the Throttle Up app plays the sounds of the F1 car of your choice as you speed-up and slow down. By having your car uploaded as well the accelerating and decelerating noises are relative to your car's top speed.