• Formative
    Roots in photography
  • Sculpture. Made of 2 by 2 inch puzzle pieces. Photo paper on chip board.


    "No tree can grow tall and reach high without nurturing its roots."

    What started out as just another subject in the College of Fine Arts and Design major in Advertising turned to a passion for creativity. 

    I had entered the college originally to learn how to be a comic book illustrator. Unfortunately I was not good handling the pencil. Dedication and practice only took me so far. Then I was exposed to this medium of photography. Immediately I got hooked with fiddling around buttons and dials, trying different combinations, listening and learning from professionals, travelling to beautiful places, and interacting with people.

    And when I began to have mastery over the basic of photography. I looked over its least explored dimensions. Looking beyond documenting reality to exploring creation. Merging the craft with others to create something different, not too instantaneous yet spontaneous and very personal. 

    Still from time to time I go back to my mentors. To ask guidance. To acknowledge their contribution. And to nurture the roots where I came from. 

  • blog: geromesoriano.blogspot.com
    contact: gerome_indieo@yahoo.com