• April 2012. These are two very playful and upbeat car commercials that, with some free reign from agency, developed into this friendly storybook environment. I got to explore some interesting landscapes and characters and thanks to a good team of animators and artists pulled it off. There was also a lot of preliminary concept work that went into this, pages and pages of painstaking thinking with pencil on paper, and it paid off.
  • Credits:
    Agency: JWT 
    Client: Ford 
    Agency Producer: Angela Engelke 
    Creative Director: Paul Strappini 
    Art Director: Bronwynne Evans
    Copywriter: Kirsty Deall 

    Animation Studio: Luma
    Director: Johan Scheepers
    Modelling/Texturing: Christophe Leyder, Angie Fletcher, Brendon Goosen, Thezi Ndlazi, Brendan Noeth
    Illustrators: Brendan Noeth, Ndumiso Nyoni
    Character Development: Johan Scheepers
    Animators: Wesley Waller, Martin Sen, Thezi Ndlazi, Christophe Leyder, Angie Fletcher
    Lighting: Christophe Leyder, Brendan Noeth
    Compositing: Chris Wieffering
    Producer: Nono Mofokeng
    Storyboards: Johan Scheepers
    Audio and Final Mix: Steve Gounaris
    Some conseptual work will follow soon...