• Forced Migration
    Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Liège | European Forum of History and Arts
    Liège, Belgium | April 09-20 2012

    During my studies abroad I spent two weeks in Liège, Belgium at the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts. "The topic under investigation will be “Melting Pot – Migrations in the Walloon Region'. Nine different countries took part in this experimental design workshop. We were given the choices of 5 different workshops.
    I chose Urban Art. 

    Expanding on the Migration theme, I collaborated with several German students and scouted out areas in Liège to set up an installation. We located a narrow white walled alley way and thus constructed an intricate web from red yarn. Our concept was that migration often times does not lend an easy way of travel but rather there are obstacles that test your emotions and personal/mental endurance. We created the idea of "Forced Migration" where we created a path for those walking through the web mirroring the fact that when migrating and moving from location to location, there are times where you are forced to take a certain route different from what is preferred. We deconstructed the design after several hours but documented public reaction. We reconstructed the same concept at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts where students, public, and professors could appreciate and interact with the space during the exhibition/gallery we conducted at the end of the two weeks.