Footsie Foot Scrub

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  • Creation of packaging for Footsie Foot Care’s new product, Footsie Foot Scrub. This product will also be available as part of a gift box. 
    Unlike most foot care products, which come across as clinical and unexciting, Footsie Foot Scrub promotes the fun, and playfully innocent side of caring for our feet. The signature element that makes the brand recognizable is the “Foot” shape used primarily on the Tube, as well as the Limited Edition Gift Box. The colors are inspired by the skin tone of our bare feet, along with the bright reds and pinks that women so love to paint their toes with. The typography is playful, with a gloss effect also inspired by nail polish. Footsie Foot Scrub is intended to be sold in major cosmetics and convenience stores, as well as pharmacies.