Footlocker Art prize "Nike Colour Comets" - Finalist

  • 1913
  • 121
  • 15
  • by Alex Tomkins
  • “Out of the depths of the sea erupts a vibrating dreamscape complete with Willy Wonka’s jelly-tipped mountains nestled under an upstaged moon.  The Colour Comet shower is mid-attack and leaving a multi-colour orgy sizzling in its wake.  
    The sky lights up in hazy shades of smoky violet, mauve and indigo, hot and fiery comets yet to hit fly across the side, still live with energy.  High up on the horizon, stars, comet dust and little planets hover, watching the mayhem unfold, giggling at the splendour. 
    You can take a sneaker and use it as a sneaker, 
    or you can take a flight of fancy and read into the story on your feet...”

  • My entry for the Foot Locker Art Prize 2011: The World’s Richest Colouring Competition, 
    from which entrants had to pick a template from seven famous shoes and create an artwork. 
    First prize was a huge AUD$50,001 (it trumps the Archibald Prize by one dollar exactly!).

    I was one of the 25 finalists chosen from three industry judges out of 6000+. Unfortunately I didn't win.
    My inspiration came from the symbol of the Nike “tick”, and the energy and movement it represents. 
    Hence the comet, the rest came naturally.

    This was showcase at the Art Gallery of NSW and is now on a roadshow around Australia.

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