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Design for the 2012 Columbus Food & Wine Affair poster competition. Honorable mention.
Columbus Food & Wine Affair
Poster Competition - Honorable Mention
Each September the Columbus Food & Wine Affair hosts an extravagant evening of wine and food tasting in the gardens of Franklin Park Conservatory. The Grand Tasting event offers exquisite samplings from the area's finest restaurants as well as pours from more than 450 wineries across the world. Proceeds benefit local charities.

Each table at the event is beautifully decorated, the food samples themselves look like tiny sculptures, so I decided to create the images for the poster entirely out of food.
The composition is festive and inviting, the colors are warm and rich. My goal was to hint at a variety of foods and wines, while staying ambiguous enough that the poster didn't misrepresent what might be served at next year's event.

This poster design won Honorable Mention from the Columbus Food & Wine Affair poster design competition.  
After researching it seemed that the best way to present the event to the target audience was to use a photographic approach for the poster.

I had three simple goals at the beginning of the shoot:
1. Show both food and wine.
2. Keep the plate clean enough to eventually place type on it.
3. Create a vertical composition that showcases the event.

I had to work fast because I was using natural light. I started with a composition of a glass, a plate and a delicate arrangement of food. It was clean... clean like a hospital - I needed to make the image more festive and energetic - so I ran outside to gather some colorful leaves to add to the arrangement. Throughout the shoot I continued to add decorative foods until the whole image was bursting with warm color and pleasing repetition, with a central focus on the plate.