Food Mafia® Identity

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  • The Client
    Food Mafia is a restaurant - bar in Athens with a purpose to offer its customers the opportunity to taste authentic flavors and scents from different neighborhoods of the world. The restaurant's menu is influenced by a multicultural character with dishes inspired by folk and traditional kitchens around the world. The chef's inspiration comes from the street culture and the global "movement" of products and ideas, enhanced by traditional ways of cooking.
    The Concept
    The symbol of Food Mafia was designed in order to have a very strong and direct nature. It is designed based on the concept of family gatherings and the essence of protection, rather than the aggressive nature of the figurative word "Mafia".
    The logotype that has emerged is a geometric outlined form, suggesting a well-protected circle of people, the family and customers of Food Mafia. It is simple as to be readily identifiable and easily adaptable to any application. The special typographic features «Comfort / Organic / Spiritual / Wood.Fired» surround the logotype and briefly describe the values of the restaurant.
    The supplementary symbol that balances the values of cosmopolitan kitchen and the casual atmosphere of the restaurant is the old wooden food crate. Using the wooden crate we highlight the values of street food culture through an international symbol of food markets, support the manual elements of a wood fired kitchen and suggest the immediacy of the restaurant with the supplier of raw materials, wherever they originate around the world. Functioning as a friendly seal of quality guaranty the engraved food crate allows the customer to combine in his imagination traditional and exotic recipes and flavors.

  • Creative Direction / Design / Photography
    KEIK Bureau™

    Website Photography
    T.Kosiaras Photography
    Website Development
    Code Armada

    Date Designed
    May 2013
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