• Fontsforfree is a compilation of typefaces which are available for free and interesting enough to take a closer look at.
    There are millions of typefaces available for free, but to find a really good one is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Therefore I made a compilation with 31 free typefaces, which – the way I see it – are interesting. Some are still under way, some are quite comprehensive, some are conventional and some are a bit unusual. Six out of these 31 I found especially fascinating and took a closer look at.

    In six booklets I recommend the fontsize and leading for continuous text, the best way of use (headline or heavy text publications) and general advantages and disadvantages. The six posters showing the typeface in use, the poscards are details of the posters.
    The Brochure includes a short presentation of 31 typefaces, download link and the designer.