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  • Now in the era of Photoshop, automatic doors and frozen meals, we decided to make one step back and try to paint the old way: using brushes, paper and smelling and unbelievable hard to control paints.

    Every two (or three.. ) weeks I receive a name of the painter/artist, whose works are to be scrutinized, his methods analyzed and life recalled. After all that is taken to heart, I can start planning how a rabbit would look like, if he fancied to draw it. Couple of drafts later an idea is born. Below you can see the results and judge youself if the mission was accomplished!

  • For more details, process description and photos, and new project episodes you can visit See you!

  • Looking into the new century

    Do you know Mucha ( Yes, Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil - you guessed right. Girls with robes and hair flowing in the air, romantic, mysterious, and just beautiful. It was a real challenge to combine that feeling with the subject - the white rabbit:


  • Summer in Toscane

    As you can guess, this week it was Van Gogh that inspired the white rabbit to appear: