Folklore patterns in interiors

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  •  Application of folk elements in living of the future

    I would like to show for the possibility, how is possible folk element use in a interior, not just as decor, but primarily as functional elemnt. Therefore function
    of decoration for the 1st option, and for the 2nd option use it as decor, which can make interior more beautiful and give it a new dimensions according
    to the wishes of individual customer. Design and purpose of work is focused on originality, functionality, variability, accesibility, and aesthetics.
    Thanks using of folk patterns, which I redesigned, I would like to show people relationship to our culture and show them that the decor
    is not kitsch, but it can interior make fresher and unusual. My project has two parts. The 1st one contain 3d visualisation of three rooms - the kitchen,
    the bathroom and the bedroom, which illustrate how it could be my suggestion applied
  • Real model of the box with patterns