• Folk Monidło


    "Monidło is a type of a realisticpainting based on the photograph of the bridegroom. The picturesusually featured a black and white photograph, with the lips paintedred, eyes painted blue and other spots retouched. At times anexpensive-looking attire was also added to the picture. Firstappearing in 19th century Poland, it was a cheaper alternative totraditional portraits popular among the higher strata of the society.Because of its relatively moderate price, the monidło stylepaintings became very popular among common people, notably thepeasants. The period following the World War II saw
    a decline in thisform of art and to some the term monidło is synonymous to kitch." - www.wikipedia.org


  • Polish Folk Costumes

    Where the historycombines with mystic solemnities there appear beings which existbetween walking and sleeping. You do not know exactly what is real.Whether the person you see in the pictures is real or not, whetherthe costumes are real or not and if you close and then open your eyesagain, you do not know whether the figures in the pictures are stillthere. The pictures present original Polish folk costumes fromdifferent regions of Poland. The costumes were treated asformal clothes and were not worn every day. Polish folklore has beenan inspiration for many authors, but at the same time many peopleclaim that one should not handle with it and name folklore trumperyor kitsch.
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