Folio Cup - a pack for instant coffee

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  • Folio Cup
    a different kind of packaging for instant coffee
  • Many times, in order to enjoy our morning coffee,besides hot water you will also need a coffe mug. However this is not alwayscomfortable to take your mug with you anywhere you go, since you are a coffeaddict and you really can’t start your morning without it. Plastic cups mightbe an option, but this is definitely a threat to Mother Nature – to whom weshould be forever grateful.

    Taking all of these intoconsideration, someone came up with the ideea to create a smart pack forinstant coffee. The advantages of this pack is that it is small, easy to useand carry around. It should represent the product and promote it, as well asact as a multifunctional pack, that would transform itself into a mug that youcould use to enjoy your coffee. The concept of creating this kind of coffeepackage is to help the consumer in recycling the products he uses, beingeconomic and compact at the same time. The package is made out of qualitycardboard, resistent to humidity, split into three sections. The first sectionis for sugar, the second one contains a small spoon, and the third one ofcourse – the coffee itself. It can be easily made into a cup. This will let youenjoy your cofee straight from this pack.

    Although juding by its looks,the pack seems to be thin and simple, once it is transformed into a cup, it hasa 230 ml capacity. The cup was created to be minimalist, by emphasizing themost important elements through color and text. The used colors accentuate theideea that this cup was created specially for coffee and coffee lovers.