Folding wood lamp

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  • Material Test & Laser cutter calibration
  • The main purpose of our project was to find out how to work with material, what are its features. Our technology was folding, and material – wood. So we wanted to prove, that we could really fold it. Work with a material in its extreme points.
    After we found the technique, we started creating the lamp, thinking about main purposes: avoidance of the direct light; thoughts about the rhythm; saving materials; using of one-way fold to save time of cutting process; creation of the form from one piece – without the introduction of any other materials (like glue) in between.
    Only 0.4% of the material is wasted in the final design
    Research envisioned by Alexandre Dubor, Anna Kulik and Theodoros Grousopoulos,
    at the Institure of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya & Fab Lab Barcelona,
    guided by Edouard Cabay as main tutor.