(ex)Posto em coRdeL

  • 1694
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  • Cordel is a popular and cheap kind of literature printed on booklets or pamphlets containing folk novels, poems and songs. They are produced and sold in fairs and by sidestreet vendors in many places of Brazil, principally in the Northeast of the country.

    I decided to create a poster-folder about an fictious event named (ex)posto em coRdeL* based at National Center of Folk and Popular Culture. I wrote the text about cordel, planed supposed content and events, figured out its logo, illustrated  and created the whole graphic project. 
    *translation in english: (ex)post in coRdeL
  • Bandit Love (2011). Illustration created for this project. These two character are, in fact, Lampião and Maria Bonita, two famous leaders of Cangaço gang, a banditry group of Brazilian Northeast in the 1920s and 1930s. They are Brazilian folk heros, equivalent of Jesse James in USA.