Flynn's - Night Club

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  • Flynn's
    User to user interaction in an electrical atmosphere inspired by Tron.
  • Flynn's was an idea I had and hope to further develop in the future, though ambitious and probably unrealistic, it stands to be - in the forefront of my mind, anyway - as possibly a pinnacle of both night life and a potentially large player in the club scene.

    At this stage, is in only in development, with designs being scarce and seemingly spontaneous. But that's also why I felt the need to post these. Inspiration can hit at the strangest of times, and I know many that criticise and dictate inspiration when it appears to them, here is just an example of embracing it. 

    Flynn's, as some may know, is the name of the Arcade within the Tron universe, so I thought it only fitting to carry on that legacy with a Tron themed night club/bar, as Arcades are quickly becoming less and less popular.