Flying Cupcake Rebrand

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  • The Flying Cupcake
  • This is a simple logo re-brand for a local store The Flying Cupcake. Firstly, they have the BEST cupcakes I have ever eaten. Now that that's out of the way, the base of the project was to pick a local restaurant and rebrand it working in teams. Our instructor also said that we needed to physically go to this restaurant and sample the food as well as take pictures of it and the interior/exterior. Darn, we had to go eat delicious cupcakes. Suffice to say we enjoyed this project. 

    We had to come up with three different concepts and this was my concept for their new logo. They have a vintage, homey feeling when you walk into their store so I wanted to reflect that in the new logo. I also figured that the circle would be a good shape to be put on a sticker and then stick to their boxes that they put the cupcakes in. There are two versions for this same reason, one displays their name prominently and the other is a good sticker and a simplified version. 
  • This is their current branding. There is a lot going on and the typeface can be difficult to read from a distance. It does have a vintage feel to it and the hand drawn cupcake gives off the 'home made' feel which the cupcakes are handmade fresh every day. 
  • The new logo is more modern vintage (yes this term is contradictory but makes me.) verses the current logo.
  • I still believe this would be adorable as a sticker. I currently have both logos as (removeable) stickers on my laptop. I wish I had more to stick to other things.