Flux | Digital Artwork (3D)

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  • Flux
    Digital Artwork (3D)
  • Focusing on the foundation principals of 3D animation, the following four artworks explore modeling, texturing, animation (motion) and particles. Thematically, these artworks draw from the concept of flux: a continuous flowing movement or change.
  • Angel heart
    The rocket-ship demonstrates flux through the ships continual movement between earth and space. In this case, flux creates a bridge between theses worlds, ultimately unifying them. Similarly, as the title suggests, the journey of an angel between heaven and earth would follow the same journey. The title further reinforces this idea through it’s use of the word ‘heart’, commenting on the ships circulatory movement.
  • Fingers
    This textured artwork explores flux through the human hand. Hands are in constant flux, holding, moving or touching objects. Fingers illustrates a contemplative stillness of the hand, to encourage a viewer to consider the endless flux contained within the subject.
  • Alone eye
    In the category of motion, this mechanistic interpretation of eye encompasses flux through the movement of information into the eye. In order to interpret the world around us, streams of information must be taken in by the eye and, on the whole, other sensory organs. Without this flux one would not understand the world around them.
  • Spirit lives
    The final artwork examines flux in a non-physical form. In physical death, or the end of flux, life is believed to continued through a spirit or soul. This artwork suggests that flux is transformed into another (non-physical) state and therefore flux never truly ends, it simply shifts states. The prominent circular shape of the artwork reinforces this idea commenting on the circle of life.