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A collection of dip-pen and ink drawings.
For most of the previous 6 months I have been developing and utilising a new illustration style (seen best in my Fluid Animals products).  It is a style that's very rooted in Adobe Illustrator and could only be achieved digitally, so a short time ago I decided to take the basis of this style, the fluidity, and evolve it into some far more traditional.  So I opened up an old box of dip-pen nibs and gave it a go.  Some of the earlier experiments were, to be honest, a mess, but I persisted and learnt how to use dip-pens until I was ready to produce showable artwork, which is now available to buy here!  I'm sorry to say that most of the illustrations you see here have already been sold, but if you'd be interested in commissioning anything new or having me repeat a particular animal, then please do get in touch.
Fluid Animal pen and ink drawings, and other products, are available to buy now from!