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Online branding, design, development, e-commerce, SEO and marketing strategy for Flossy Plimsolls.
Flossy Plimsolls
Online Branding / Design / Development / E-commerce / SEO / Marketing Strategy 

When approaching Weedoo originally, Flossy Plimsolls UK was a one-man team. After 2 years, Flossy are now the highest selling product in Office Shoes and have one of the highest E-commerce conversion rates of any store we have ever seen.

In 2009, Weedoo started by offering a cost effective custom built HTML site with custom store. This year will see the launch of the all new Flossy online store with look book, full E-commerce, CRM system and growth in product range.

Flossy is a brand we hold close to or heart as we have helped them grow from a one man band to a high street brand. Over the next year we will be facilitating and managing their social media campaigns and also in-creasing the work rate on their SEO & DEM. They currently receive almost 40,000 hits per month to their website.