Floral Wallpaper Pattern

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  • Floral Wallpaper Pattern
    Client: Antalis South Africa
    Agency & Creative Direction: Breinstorm Brand Architects
  • This design was for a folder to promote a new Antalis paper range called "Performa Alto". 
    The floral pattern was inspired by vintage wallpaper, and evokes luxurious associations of days-gone-by when things were lovingly crafted instead of thoughtlessly mass-produced. The concept was to convey the richness of an opulent interior with a modern colour-palette, as well as referring to the beauty of the natural world. 

    The different flowers were first hand-painted in Indian ink on paper, and then refined in Illustrator, before being screen-printed onto the Performa Alto board. The screen-printing technique used also contributed its own textural quality to the final folder.