Fløibanen - Branding / Design-manual

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    Logo and design-manual - Fløibanen AS (The Fløibanen Funicular in Bergen).
    The funicular ride up to the top of Fløyen mountain that is one of the most popular attractions in all of Norway.

    Manually drawn sketches processed in Illustrator.
    Layout designed in InDesign.

    About the logo
    The logo-symbol: communicates availability, Bergen and locality.
    The colours: communicate something conservative, traditional and credible.
    The typography: communicates innovation.

    Target group
    Tourists, visitors and locals.
  •  Front cover
  • Index and intro 
  • Logo
  • Typography 
  • Design element and ticket design 
  • Postralia, business card and poster  
  • Job listing and folder cover