Flipkart Happy Doors

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  • Flipkart Happy Doors

  • Flipkart.com, an online megastore, is today India's fastest growing E-commerce portal. The reason for their huge success is the fact that they are a highly customer-centric company that constantly strives to delight their customers with great prices, products and timely delivery.We therefore created this campaign keeping in mind that a house door is the first physical point of contact between Flipkart and their customers. And give their track record, a 'happy door' seemed apt.

    Chief creative officer: Praveen Das
    Executive creative director: Kartik Iyer
    Creative director: Carl Savio,
    Art directors: Shatrugan Ramanathan, Kedar Chauhan,Art director/copywriter: Carl Savio
    Client service team: Ruchika Chaudhry, Neelima Kariappa
    Woodwork artist: Param Natrajan,
    Photographers: Ebbie Munk and Kopp Koppula,Retoucher: Ramakrishna R.