Flavour sketchbook 2012

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  • Flavour Sketchbook 2012

  • My daily sketch on 2012 who i has called Flavour
    Trying to figure out the meaning of love, laugh, life, lust & lost from outside there.
    Mechanic Pencil on Paper
    14 x 21cm

  • Unknown -Digital Love25.05.2012

    " Too easy fallin in love too easy to forget
    and all you need is social networking,"

  • You're not mine anymore

  • Quiet Wrap23.11.2011

    wrapped into quiet placenobody people who can see what you dodissappear in sweet gaze in the morningAnd slowly you lying in bed ... too early to see the bright in the suni feel anxiety but ...i don't know was happen here
    i'll go sleep right now
  • HER

    I saw her in my dreamA girl with sweater & eyeglassI thought she's 21 younger than me and she's like polkadot, carrot, vintage stuff same like me
    didn't know her name, she just smile to me
    no matter who's name no matter what i know
    maybe my future wife?
    or maybe she's just a fantasy who tucked into the dream
    But ...
    I'm happy today
  • Twinkle9.5.2012

    #1random drawing on saturdayportrait face from my friend

  • Nice encounter6.4.2012

    i lost my self dyin' slowi see u fade with all your smile