• Flavor is part of an installation series created to expose audiences to a particular idea through the power of typography and demonstrate how it could communicate and represent outside of the usual screen and print based forms.

    This piece was created using over 3,800 cigarettes that spell the word flavor. The cigarettes are half 
    smoked showing the nicotine in them; in total, this piece has a size of 24" H x 48" W. Flavor was born to criticize the cigarette industries for marketing products that are detrimental to people's health and to expose the deceitful nature of advertising by turning companies' messages into their opposite of their marketing objective.

    Update May, 8th, 2011

    Flavor is currently being Exhibited at The Museum for the Printing Arts Leipzig, Germany as part of their Exhibition “Typography in Contemporary Art” taking place from May, 8th – July, 17th 2011

    The ambition of this exhibition project is to show the omnipresent existence of lettering in daily life and its influence on public perception. Typography and lettering in context of art opens quite a new perspective to the topic - for laymen, art connoisseurs, as well as professionals in graphic design.