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  • The Flattype is a typographical interpretation of the book Flatland by Edwin A. Abott and in particular of chapter 6. Of Recognition by Sight. The story is about a two-dimensional world called Flatland which is occupied by geometric figures. The narrator is a Square, who guides us through some of the implications of life in two dimensions.

    The Flattype is based on a lineal geometric sans typography. This sans type is imagined in 3d and when you look at it from the bottom it is pictured in Flattype. In that way I created an experimental linetype which has different gray scales depending on how close or how far a part of a letter is from the baseline.
    Only one weight exists, but it can be used in different sizes. I used roman numerals for the numerals so that they can be distinguished from the letters more easily.
    To see exactly where I have to make a chance on the colour, I put a grid on the letter. The axis of ordinates indicates the percentage of black I have to use.