Flannery O'Connor's "Circle in the Fire"

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     illustration to go along with the short story, "Circle in the Fire"
  • I'm currently working on a trial illustration for to go along with Flannery O'Connor's "Circle in the Fire". If the final illustration gets approved for this short story, it may possibly lead to illustrating a whole book of her collected short stories (fingers crossed). Right now, I've just added the first 5 inital roughs for the final trial illustration. I'll put the final color trial image and any subsequent illustrations for this project up once they're completed.

  • The art director ended up choosing two sketches of the five for me to finalize (well, she liked both, so I offered to finalized both of them). The one above is one of the two.
  • The sketch above is the second of the two I am going to go to final on.
  • These are the two color finals based off of the chosen black and white sketches above. The art director and editors decided that I actually liked the black and white roughs even better, so they chose one of those to use as the actual illustration for one story and another to use for a different story after a few modifications. I'm officially working on the book now, so I probably shouldn't post the other illustrations (10 other black and white interiors and a cover design) until the project is finished and published). I'll be working on this project through the beginning of January 2013. Even though the color finishes weren't chosen, I think I still like them.