• We created a series of short films in stereoscopic 3D to present our studio Flamboyant Paradise. With the production process still in progress, what we can see here is a theatrical trailer.
    Nevertheless, we have a lot of material posted here as Work in Progress: The design of this world, floating over a cloud of spume, with a bubble launching volcano, rivers and cascades in fluorescent colors mutating chameleon-like chromatically, buildings riding on the back of a huge elephant walking in a park, with bridges over multi-colored waters and atomic mini-mushrooms growing like shiitakes. Here is the design of the characters of the short films and the evolution of their cosmogony.
  • There is a place like no place on earth;
    A land where waves don't break,
    Dogs don't bark and avocado is low fat.

    Be prepared for the biggest adventure of all times;
    A passage beyond the vortex of nothing.

    Enigma, mystery, a conundrum of mind…

    A story about fantasy, sex, drugs and rock and roll…

    Luscious, Voluptuous and Overweening...
    This place is called Flamboyant Paradise.