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Flabbergast- Social Media campaign for obsessive, compulsive, consumer disorder
Flabbergast is a monthly topic oriented page concerning popular consumer product issues. Topics included: Ultimate ridiculous, Embarrassed to say I own one, Buy nothing day, Forced gift days, collaborative consumption and DIY. Flabbergast's strategy is to enhance the act of trying to limit the publics's consumption and let them think of the reasons behind their consuming habits.
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Tape applied to shopping bags at store entries, as well as shopping bags handed out at mall doors, as a reminder of the public's consuming habits.
Flabbergast's April 2012 issue - Rhino horn

Consumers could tag themselves as one of the characters and use the picture as their Facebook profile picture, to raise awareness of rhino poaching. Flabbergast also went out to a few clubs in Potchefstroom where students posed with these masks, to drive social media content.