'Fit To a Tea' Branding & Packaging

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  • I recieved a brief that required a new brand, visual identity and package design for tea. The only specifications given were that the package should be constructed using only paper, be able to be flatpacked and use minimal glue. Ingredients and other key information had to be included, whether on the package or not. 
      I chose to design specfically for Chai tea and use a strong colour palette and pattern dominant design. Having the added element of an infogaphic booklet to showcase information regarding the brand and product rather than having cluttered information on the package itself made for a much more minimal and interesting appearance.
      The brand name 'Fit to a Tea' is derivied exactly from the saying 'fit to a t' meaning that it fits its purpose completely and perfectly. I aimed this product at an audience of 25 - 40 male and female who love not only tea, but indulging themselves. 
  • I began my design process by creating a mood board of images that I found inspiring in relation to the potential pattern, logo, colours and structure of Chai Tea. 
  • Branding
  • I used a key spice ingredient in Chai Tea, Star Anise, as inspiration for the logo. 
  • The colour palette I came up with makes direct reference to the spices in Chai Tea. Brown and orange are colours that I think represent spices well, and the scheme isn't gender specific. 
  • Finalised logo and typeface choice, 
  • Extra Elements
  • The front of an infographics booklet to be included within the tea packaging. 
  • The flipside of the infographic booklet. 
  • Infographic front cover, brand message and tea ingredients. 
  • Serving instructions and orgins of the tea. 
  • Visit Our Stores and Contact Us information for Fit to a Tea. 
  • Printed infographic booklet (front). 
  • Infographic booklet. 
  • Swing tag design and varying patterns used for the packaging solution. 
  • Nets & Structure
  • Paper trials of different interlocking tabs to open the package. 
  • Net of the packaging structure. This is the outside view of the surface graphics. 
  • Net of the packaging structure. This is the pattern that will appear on the inside of the box. 
  • Finished Solution
  • Final packaging constructed with tea bag + swing tag. 
  • Top view.
  • Tea Bag, Infographics booklet and Packaging.