"Fisherman" boots

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  • Fisherman boots
    Package design
  • Brief
    Design a packaging for rubber boots with theaim to:
    -distinguish the brand on the shelf amongcompetitors in the specialized stores and to attract
    the consumers’ attention.
    -create a contemporary and appealing image ofthe “Fisherman” boots as a very high-quality
    specialized footwear for fishing and emphasizethe features of the product!


    Everybody is aware of boots primary function -protection from water. However, there are many
    advantages that are not obvious at the firstglance and consumer might not be aware of. «Fisherman»
    boots are able to protect the wearer from awide range of dangers: environmental debris, biological
    threats, natural, chemical and electricalhazards.
    We realized that probably the best way tocommunicate protective functions of the boots would be using
    the example of underwater creatures. Thistopic is very relevant for fishermen and creates an excellent
    opportunity to combine several types of risksin one visual.


    The package itself is designed as a mini-standand works as an eye catcher. An illusion of boots
    immersed in water draws attention focusconsumer’s attention to all protective properties of
    the “Fisherman” boots.


    The packaging is not intended fortransportation of the product from the factory to the store.


    Designed at GOOD!