First Things First - A Manifesto for Designers

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  • First Things First-Manifesto 2000
    A Manifesto for Designers
  • "In 1964, 22 visual communicators signed the original call for graphics designer's skills to be put to worthwhile use. 

     - Excerpt taken from the "First Things First Manifesto"

    This was a college project, the brief was to redesign the famous manifesto. The alarming nature of the message constantly reminded me of the "danger" signage and the use of bold, contrasting colours in it to grab attention. Hence, I used the same colour scheme. I wanted typography to be the focal point of the design. The Manifesto is folded with a "Manifesto 2000" band around it. The Manifesto opens up to become a poster that can be put up either way. The outside of the manifesto has the message used as a texture with the main message highlighted in red. The inside has made up signatures of all the designers who support the cause.
  • Folded with red band around the brochure.
  • Band taken off to unfold the Manifesto.
  • Front - Manifesto unfolded with the message used as a texture and a design element.
  • Back - Made up signatures of all the designers who have signed and agreed to the Manifesto.