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  •  Logo – To help recapture that sense of history and reinforce the story behind the ‘Standard Fireworks’ brand I recreated the logo based on older interpretations, while trying to retain some features of the current logo. I wanted a mark that people would trust and recognise while choosing their fireworks, something people can associate with quality and safety. It soon became clear that the best way to take the logo forward was to look back on the brand’s past. The solution: a logo that creates a sense of nostalgia inspired by Standard’s long history of quality and craftmanship.
  • Family Firework Range – The packaging was stripped of any indicators that suggest Guy Fawkes Night and replaced with bold graphic interpretations of varying fireworks effects. Each individual pack has illustrations that represent the firework type and the sort of effects/movement to expect from the firework. This is reinforced with a bold range of colours that were inspired by retro screen-printed packs from Standard’s earlier years. Individual firework names were removed and replaced with the firework type, this was to ensure more surprise and spectacle from the box without names giving away too much or being misleading.
  • Premium Range – Fireworks are used to mark special moments and religious festivals all over the world. Standard’s brand new range of premium fireworks are designed to be given as a gift and shared with people that you care about. When fired these delicate fireworks create a special moment that can be shared with the people closest to you even if it is just for a moment, why not mark it with Standard’s Premium range. This product is made using the finest available firework materials combined to make very intricate and bespoke effects. The pack designs reflect the delicate, detailed nature of this range. Utilising silver foil, black card and a more detailed firework graphic to give an extra special quality above the other ranges.