Firebelly Design Show @ Pratt Institute, NYC

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  • Firebelly Design Show @ Pratt Institute, New York

    It's not that we don't take design seriously. It's just that much of our best work is born from embracing spontaneity and following our instincts. Two things hard found with a narrow focus.

    We believe in paying forward the good that has come through our doors, proving through education and influence that passion inspires action.

    We feel a constant stream of inspiration from the fire in our clients, the encouragement of our collaborators and the world we work and live in.
    These intersections are where this exhibition begins.
    This exhibition was a collaboration between all of us working at Firebelly at the time: Dawn Hancock, Will Miller, Darren McPherson, Alex Killough, Lindsay McMenamin, Ben Wagner & Justin Gilman.

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