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  • They’re 100% natural, they’re tall, they’re long-lived, they’re massive – they’re fir trees.

    Through a cooperation between Packaging Mid Sweden and myself we created this packaging concept for fir tree sprout giveaways on behalf of Åkroken Science Park.

    If you’d like to get hold of one of these sprouts yourself and become a happy owner of your own fir tree, I’m afraid you’ll have to take a hike into the forest and dig up one of these bad boys, since the giveaways became so popular that they all were given away at the SPCI 2011 fair – the world’s leading pulp and paper event.

    A full-grown fir tree can become over 400 years old and by that one can establish that most fir trees outlives 
    owners. And that’s actually an understatement since researchers have found rare fir tree root systems with an 
    age of over 9.000 years.

    Talk about a giveaway that really stands the test of time.