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    2011, Prototype
  • When we travel to Japan we discovered the traditional saibashis, which are the Japanese cooking chopsticks. We love them but we thought they could be improved. They are usually made of bamboo which easily gets discolored within time. There are also metal saibashis designed to fry but they are heavy, slippery and get overheated.

    Our proposal is a redesign of the traditional Saibashis with the latest cooking tool materials and a new fresh air in terms of shape and color.The 35 cm long bamboo chopsticks are covered with a silicone head-piece, long enough so you can immerse the fingercrutches in boiling oil or water. They wont get overheated or discolored. In addition the silicone head-pieces provide a better grip, it is easier to pick up food, whether its delicate or not.

    This tool is really versatile, use it to stir, fry, turn ore flip food over, serve, … It is a modern food preparation experience an perfectly fits the tendency for Asian food an cooking culture.