Fine Gold Branding Identity Design

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       In today’s business market, a cohesive identity program can be one of our organization’s most valuable assets. Maintaining a consistent identity is so important to branding, FINE GOLD has developed the following identity guidelines. Brands can take years to build and develop, and they are a vital component of communicating our message to our customers. Strong brands are those that can elicit a reaction simply by the sound of their name or the sight of their mark. Successful organizations are those that create a positive correlation between the organization’s market, their core values, and the products that represent them. We have created standards for consistent use and treatment of the FINE GOLD brand, as well as logo treatment and design element use for publications, brochures, and specialty items. We’ve worked hard to shape FINE GOLD’s identity, and we must work equally hard to protect it. When properly used, the following elements of the identity FINE GOLD as a strong and cohesive brand.